Hector Jones Ltd is proud to be one of New Zealand's first resellers of Hitachi Power Tools

Hector Jones Ltd is proud to be one of New Zealand's first resellers of Hitachi Power Tools

Since Hitachi began in 1910, (The same decade Hector Jones started), they have delivered over century of product innovation since the company developed its very first product – a compact electric motor.

Hitachi Ltd, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan is a leading global technology company with over 320,000 employees worldwide. The company provides solutions for a huge variety of market sectors by offering a vast array of products and services, including information technology, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, lithium ion battery technology, consumer products, industrial power tools and accessories, logistics, and financial services.

As one of the largest industrial companies in Japan, Hitachi devotes a huge amount of resources to power tool research and development through its subsidiary, Hitachi Koki Co. Ltd, resulting in state of the art industrial electric, pneumatic, and petrol powered tools for the professional tradesperson. As a global leader in brushless motor and lithium ion battery development, Hitachi has revolutionised the cordless tool platform that more and more tradesmen rely on day in, day out.

In New Zealand, Hitachi were the first to introduce brushless cordless power tools and are today leading the way with the introduction to brushless AC Electric tools.

Hitachi has been supporting New Zealand industry for nearly 50 years, with heavy duty power tool solutions for the toughest applications.

With a strong devotion to after sales backup and support, a dedicated nationwide sales and service network, and a commitment to always pushing forward with power tool design and technology, Hitachi is the choice of professional tradesmen nationwide.

Hitachi offer the following Manufacturers Warranty:

Hitachi Cordless and Electric Power Tools, and Hitachi Outdoor Power Equipment are warranted against defective workmanship and faulty materials for 12 months and can be extended for free for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase

*Warranty Registration must be made by the purchaser at within 30 days of purchase or your warranty will not be extended.

* Products & applications excluded from the 3 year warranty period (online registration not required):

Lithium Ion Batteries, Battery Chargers - 2 Year Warranty

NiCd Batteries - 1 Year Warranty

Benchtop Tools - Mitre Saws, Table Saws, thicknessers etc. - 1 Year Warranty

Outdoor Power Equipment used in commercial applications - 1 Year Warranty

Accessories - Radios, Lights, Bit Sets etc .- 1 Year Warranty